Well the snowdrops are out in Newton in Bowland we are just waiting for the daffodils and the tulips it is such a picturesque sight – soon it will be the turn of the tulips in the village green and what a sight that was last year.


Here is a photo of the amazing vista and guess what The Parker’s Arms is in the background. This brings me nicely onto the top 50 Gastropubs in the UK and would you believe it (well I do as I eat in all these establishments!!) 4 of them are in the Ribble Valley and another is in a town next to the Ribble Valley.  The Parker’s Arms also moved from 48 last year to 13 this year – yes 13 is unlucky for some but hey ho really lucky for others – well done The Parker’s Arms.  Check out the full article here https://goo.gl/jcIV8K  I bet you did not know we also have a Castle in Clitheroe!!!  The views from the top are amazing and should be a MUST if you ever decide to come to Lancashire and in particular Clitheroe.

So to digress you will be thinking, if you read my blog – and if you don’t regularly read it WHY, ha ha, answers on a postcard please!  How are we getting on with our new venture in Gisburn?  Well we are doing ok – it is funny as we do not have to completely renovate like we did with School House Cottage but it is really putting pressure on me to get things to accessorise as I like to get original and local things and pictures.  When I was renovating School House Cottage I had a whole year to pick up bits and bobs and up-cycle things – so it is a real challenge for me as I love using local artists etc – getting there though and will not start marketing until it is up to our standard and what we would want to stay in.

So it is the @tourdeyorkshire soon which is really good for the area and always showcases Yorkshire and the surrounding areas such as Gisburn etc

So how is the cottage at Gisburn going then you are probably asking – it is going really well.  Whilst writing this blog I should be up at the cottage cleaning so once I have finished this I will be getting up there pretty sharp as we have our first guests.  Mark and his wife enquired about staying at School House Cottage over a weekend but unfortunately it was booked so I offered Church View even though it was not finished and explained the little touches such as pictures would not be there but they could be guinea pigs for me if ok with them.   Well Mark said that would be brilliant so now I am running around like a blue arsed fly trying to get as much done as possible for them.  I lit the fire yesterday just to make sure it works and it works like a dream


So now I have to go and get some coal for the guests and get it set up so all they have to do is light it when they arrive.  It has been quiet stressful this last week trying to get everything sorted but it is probably a good thing as it has meant I have had to get it ready.  I spoke to a friend Chris Moore who is a famous illustrator and he has given me some prints of Pendle Hill that I am getting framed and they will go in the cottage which is really good.  So no time to rest on my laurels and better get up and get going and start cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.